When Content Goes Digital: Understanding the Metrics of Success

September 6, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

Online marketing efforts, also known as digital marketing, has become an important part of business. After all, it is where a lot of consumers spend their time on. But how do you build your market and increase your sales through digital marketing exactly? The answer might surprise you–it is still content marketing, which is also applicable in non-digital marketing strategies. According to Entrepreneur, a sales and marketing strategy should focus on using content to build strong relationships with customers through triggering emotions. As sales enablement becomes more popular in the digital world, content marketing must not be left behind. In fact, they go hand in hand as sales enablement will help businesses improve their content marketing strategies to ensure conversion and sales. Given this, how do you objectively assess the result of your content marketing strategy in today’s digital world? Read this article to find out.  – Regina Ongkiko

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